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Tanaka Isson,who is called the Gauguin of Japan.
I went to Kagoshima City Art Museum to appreciate paintings exhibition of Tanaka Isson's. I wanted to look his works on weekdays,for once I went to the National Western Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo to see Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’s “LA Source”. It was on Sunday,and was very crowded.That was far from appreciating masterpieces,but just looking them. I regretted very much.

This time,I was able to appreciate works of Tanaka Isson's slowly. In the works of the Amami Oshima era, although he could not get enough fame in Tokyo, his personality had blossomed.The views of Amami Oshima are different from the mainland of Japan. They are also different from innocent and optimistic colors of Okinawa. They are a little gloomy. He intentionally wanted to chose the colors of Amami Oshima.

His famous works was exhibited almost at Kagoshima City Art Museum. They had overwhelming presence. There was no word. I thought that he ended his life very happily. I could understand it from his left-over letters.If you can visit his exhibition, I'd like you to visit the museum on weekdays and appreciate his works slowly.Then,you should look at them from a distance. And look them closely,check brushstroking of the works. I want you to confirm real color of his works. Remember his colors you felt in your mind. And praise Tanaka Isson's noble life.(October 6, 2010,From"Discover Kagoshima!)

Tanaka Isson was a painter of Nihonga(Japanese painting). He was born in 1908 as the eldest son of six brothers in Tochigi prefecture. He loved the nature of Amami Oshima. And he had painted the plants and birds delicately with sharp observation and technique.In 1977,he was 69 years old and finished his life.

His works have displayed at Tanaka Isson Memorial Art Museum, Amami Oshima.

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