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Atsuhime Statue
There was the unveiling ceremony of Atsuhime Statue at Reimeikan Museum in Kagoshima city at the end of last year. Shinya Nakamura is the creator of the Statue, and he also completed of Okubo Toshimichi Statue in the past.

Atsuhime was born in branch family of the Shimazus. Prior to the Meiji Restoration, the Shimazus was the lord of Satsuma Domain. and she became adopted child of the Shimazus,the head of family. With idea of Shimazu Nariakira who was the lord and adoptive father, she was adopted by the Konoes,nobility of Kyoto, and became their daughter again.

Finally she became wife of the Tokugawa Iesada who was the 13th generation general of the Edo shogunate.This was the perfect political marriage.

After Iesada's death, she renamed herself "Tenshoin" and became assistant of Tokugawa Iemochi,the14th generation general and had supported the Tokugawas family.

Upper:Atsuhime Statue
Bottom:The inscription

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